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The Ultimate Flexibility in Packaging

From standard, low-cost pouches, fitments and spouts to innovative, custom engineered flexible packaging solutions, whatever the need — small run or large — Pactech delivers the highest quality flexible packaging solutions.

Configurations Materials Fitments Special Features
Pouches Clear & Opaque One-Way/High-Flow Valves Hang Holes
Covers Disposable Face Fitments With Screw Closures Grommets
Liners Resealable Boat Fitments With Connectors For Tubing Bookleting
Roll Stock Biodegradable Child Resistant Fitments Labeling
Flat Pouches Foils Tamper Evident Fitments Tear Notch
Stand-Up Pouches Mil Spec  Re-closable Features — Hook & Loop, Tape, Zipper Corner Rounding
K-Seal Side-Gusseted Pouches Valeron Lot Coding

Superior Quality

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities Standardized Inspections
Seal strength (Instron Test ASTM F88) > First Piece Inspection
Bell Jar Test ASTM 3078-94 > In-process/In-line Inspection
Pressure Decay Test ASTM 2095-01 > Drop Test
Dimensional measurements Burst test
Final Inspection

Product Development

30+ Years’ Experience Creating New Products

With over three decades experience in new product development, we bring a proven history of innovative flexible packaging solutions to your benefit. Our broad capabilities and extensive expertise mean we can design and develop packaging solutions to your specific requirements, as we’ve done for hundreds of customers.

Pactech’s experts will work closely with you:

  • From initial concept through prototyping, testing and production
  • Collaborating with your product development team to tailor application-specific materials,configurations and packaging options
  • Providing an almost limitless variety of material characteristics, configurations and packaging options
  • Creating the highest-quality, most cost-effective products with maximized consumer appeal

Result: an innovative, custom flexible packaging product that exceeds your expectations!

Rapid Response Program

Get To Market in 3-4 weeks

Whether it’s a new product introduction or an increase in seasonal demand, we understand that time to market is critical. Pactech’s Rapid Response Program ensures that we meet your special requirements and expedited timeframes.

The Rapid Response Materials:

Part Number Item Structure Overall Barrier
P13018 48ga MET PET /2.5PE M
P13320 60 GA BON/15 White PE/3F/4.5 mil COEX H
P13001 60ga BON/PE/.285F/PE/1.75 EVA H
P13002 60ga BON/ White PE/.285F/PE/1.75 EVA H
P13301 100 GA BON/6.5mil EVA EX-24 L
Barrier codes: H = High M = Medium L = Low
The materials listed above are typically held in inventory and are listed top to bottom from most cost-effective to most costly.

Rapid Response Lead Times:

  • No print – flat pouch with or without Ziploc: 3-4 weeks
  • No print – stand-up pouch with or without Ziploc: 3-4 weeks
  • New art printed – flat and stand-up pouches with or without Ziploc: 4 weeks from approved art
  • Repeat art printed – flat and stand-up pouches with or without Ziploc: 3-4 weeks

Rapid Prototyping

Quicker Testing & Development for Faster Market Delivery

Rapid Prototyping is the technique of quickly fabricating a model that can be used for testing. The creation of packaging prototypes—combined with the skills of our internal Research and Development Engineering Team—increases effective communication about a project and/or product.

Partnering with Pactech for the prototyping process delivers multiple advantages:

  • Decreased overall development time
  • Fewer engineering changes
  • Extended product life, thanks to adding and eliminating features early in the design cycle when it’s less costly

Bottom line: a substantial decrease in both product startup and design time, leading to faster market delivery.

Our Rapid Prototyping Department and Research and Development Engineering Team bring a combined 100+ years of experience and innovation to help you rapidly convert your design ideas into prototypes that can be used to test form, fit and function. We stock many different kinds of film laminations and fitments and can typically deliver a sample to you within days.

Our goal is to empower customers to quickly turn visions and projects into viable, quality products.

Clean Room

Modern, Secure Facility Featuring Class 10,000 Certified Production Clean Room Meets Your Strict Standards

ISO 9001:2008 CertificationAll the precision clean products we offer are produced in a state of the art ISO certified clean room. Manufacturing is supported a continuous environmental monitoring climate system, and a fully equipped laboratory.

Every item on every order is made from dedicated materials manufactured exclusively for you. The raw materials are produced only from specific resins supplied by certified suppliers. The raw materials are certified to specific surface cleanliness levels, leachables and extractables, and offgassing levels.

The Pactech warehouse has clearly designated raw material, finished goods, and quarantine areas, and is current with all required environmental standards.

Available Additives Available Bag Formats
Fire retardant Twin seal
Tints Bottom seal
IPA resistant inks Wicketted
Anti-static Tape closure
Glove wallets
Bag on a Roll
Side gusseted
Bottom gusseted

Our Precision Clean (PC) Offerings:

Package Sterilization

Sterilization and Certification to Exacting Standards

Along with clean room facilities, we offer customers the added convenience and assurance of Gamma Irradiation Sterilization. We work with one of the foremost sterilization firms in America to ensure that your product is sterilized and certified prior to delivery to your facility.

The Pactech team:

  • Works with you to determine ideal irradiation levels for your product
  • Manufactures your product in a clean room environment
  • Individually bags your product
  • Places irradiation dots on the outer bags of your products and on box labels to visually demonstrate proper sterilization
  • Certifies finished goods as well as sterilization

Clients across many industries rely on Pactech’s decades of experience
to create the highest quality flexible packaging solutions.

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