Flexible CRREO: Child Resistant Reclosable Easy-Open Packaging

Flexible CRREO: Child Resistant Reclosable Easy-Open Packaging 2017-03-22T21:32:54+00:00

Patented, 100% child-safe pouches

Child-resistant packaging ideal for medical & consumer applications


The result of exhaustive testing

Our CRREO™ child-resistant pouches have been used around the world for clinical studies, prescription medications, and hundreds of other consumer, pharmaceutical and agricultural applications.


Why CRREO™ Child-Resistant Pouches?

  • Custom laminate created by Pactech Packaging with Child-Guard™ slider technology from Presto
  • Approved by the CPSC and EPA under ASTM D3475-08, Type XIA classification
  • Passed all testing requirements set forth in Title 16 CFR 1700 of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act

Pre-Engineered & Custom Solutions

Whatever your specifications, we have a CRREO™ pouch to meet them:

Printed or Unprinted

Printed or Unprinted

Our child-resistant pouches can be used as is or custom-printed during production. This allows our customers to maintain brand consistency across products and offers increased graphic billboarding opportunities.

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We produce CRREO™ child-safe packaging in pouches ranging from 5.5 inches wide to 18 inches tall, with or without standup and up to a 5 inch gusset. The size of the package is scalable to meet the needs of the product and application.

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Standard or Custom Sizes

Clear or Opaque White


The CRREO™ pouch material cannot be torn and complies with all child-safe packaging requirements. It can be manufactured in clear or opaque white, offering ample opportunity for customization.

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The Child-Guard™ Slider is the first-ever child-resistant slider for flexible packaging—created for, and first used by, Pactech. Our traditional pinch-and-slide closure also meets all child-safety packaging requirements.

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Presto Child-Guard™ Slider or Pinch-and-Slide Closure


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