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Flexible Food and Beverage Packaging

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Flexible, Durable Food & Beverage Packaging

Leading supplier of flexible packaging and fitmented pouches for food manufacturers & beverage suppliers

food & beverage packaging

Our Food & Beverage Packaging Experts Will Work Closely With You:

  • From initial packaging concept through prototyping, testing and pouch production
  • Collaborating with your product development team to tailor application-specific materials and enure designs meet the specific food/beverage application
  • Providing an almost limitless variety of material characteristics, laminations, configurations & packaging options
  • Creating the highest quality, most cost-effective flexible packaging products with maximized consumer appeal
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Our Extensive Inventory of Films & Package Configurations Support Your Diverse Needs

  • Moisture and Oxygen Barrier
  • Aroma Barrier
  • Resealable
  • CRREO – Child Resistant Reclosable Easy Open pouch

We offer flat, stand-up (SUP), three-side seal, side gusseted, and fitmented pouches, each constructed to meet your demanding product specifications.

Stock Films

We Offer Stock & Custom Engineered Fitments, Tubing & Closures

Fitments Tubings & Closures

We Specialize in Custom Food Packaging Design & Engineering

  • We can custom engineer a bag or pouch to meet your specific needs
  • Rapid prototyping capability enables quick turnaround of design to confirm the package meets specifications prior to full run
Custom Packaging Design and Engineering

Our Rigorous Inspection Procedures Ensure the Highest Quality Product

Rigorous Inspection Procedures
  • Quality inspectors conduct in-line testing followed by a final inspection at each step of the manufacturing process
  • UN Testing can also be performed

Clients across many industries rely on Pactech’s decades of experience
to create the highest quality flexible packaging solutions.

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